Just look without thought…

I wonder if you have ever walked along a crowded street,
or a lonely road, and just looked at things without
There is a state of observation without the interference
of thought. Though you are aware of everything about you,
and you recognize the person, the mountain, the tree,
or the oncoming car, yet the mind is not functioning in
the usual pattern of thought. I don’t know if this has
ever happened to you. Do try it sometime when you are
driving or walking. Just look without thought; observe
without the reaction which breeds thought. Though you
recognize color and form, though you see the stream,
the car, the goat, the bus, there is no reaction,
but merely negative observation; and that very state
of so-called negative observation is action. Such
a mind can utilize knowledge in carrying out what
it has to do, but it is free of thought in the sense
that it is not functioning in terms of reaction. With
such a mind—a mind that is attentive without
reaction—you can go to the office, and all the rest of it.

Collected Works, Vol. XIV - 205

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