To think of the future is to have roots in the soil of uncertainty

There must be reaction or otherwise there’s death;
but to see that this reaction does not extend its
root into the present or into the future is the
problem. Thought is bound to arise, but to be aware
of it and to end it immediately is essential.
To think about thought, to examine it, to play around
it, is to extend it, to give it root. This is really
important to understand. To see how the mind thinks
about thought is to react to the fact. The reaction
is sadness and so on. To begin feeling sad, to think
of the future return, to count the day, etc., is to
give root to the thought concerning the fact. So the
mind establishes roots, and then how to root them out
becomes another problem, another idea. To think of
the future is to have roots in the soil of uncertainty.

Letters to a Young Friend - 26

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