Transmitting Compassion

If I am concerned with compassion, ...with love, with the real feeling
of something sacred, then how is that feeling to be transmitted? Please
follow this. If I transmit it through the microphone, through the
machinery of propaganda, and thereby convince another, his heart will still
be empty. The flame of ideology will operate, and he will merely
repeat, as you are all repeating, that we must be kind, good, free - all the
nonsense that the politicians, the socialists, and the rest of them
talk. So, seeing that any form of compulsion, however subtle, does not
bring this beauty, this flowering of goodness, of compassion, what is the
individual to do?...

What is the relationship between the man who has this sense of
compassion, and the man whose mind is entrenched in the collective, in the
traditional? How are we to find the relationship between these two, not
theoretically, but actually?...

That which conforms can never flower in goodness. There must be
freedom, and freedom comes only when you understand the whole problem of envy,
greed, ambition, and the desire for power. It is freedom from those
things that allows the extraordinary thing called character to flower.
Such a man has compassion, he knows what it is to love - not the man who
merely repeats a lot of words about morality.

So the flowering of goodness does not lie within society, because
society in itself is always corrupt. Only the man who understands the whole
structure and process of society, and is freeing himself from it, has
character, and he alone can flower in goodness.

The Book of Life - November 29

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