Come to It Empty-Handed

Compassion is not hard to come by when the heart is not filled with the
cunning things of the mind. It is the mind with its demands and fears,
its attachments and denials, its determinations and urges, that
destroys love. And how difficult it is to be simple about all this! You don't
need philosophies and doctrines to be gentle and kind. The efficient
and the powerful of the land will organize to feed and clothe the people,
to provide them with shelter and medical care. This is inevitable with
the rapid increase of production; it is the function of well-organized
government and a balanced society. But organization does not give the
generosity of the heart and hand. Generosity comes from quite a
different source, a source beyond all measure. Ambition and envy destroy it as
surely as fire burns. This source must be touched, but one must come to
it empty-handed, without prayer, without sacrifice. Books cannot teach,
nor can any guru lead to, this source. It cannot be reached through the
cultivation of virtue, though virtue is necessary, nor through capacity
and obedience. When the mind is serene, without any movement, it is
there. Serenity is without motive, without the urge for the more.

The Book of Life - November 30

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