Knowing Loneliness

Loneliness is entirely different from aloneness. That loneliness must
be passed to be alone. Loneliness is not comparable with aloneness. The
man who knows loneliness can never know that which is alone. Are you in
that state of aloneness? Our minds are not integrated to be alone. The
very process of the mind is separative. And that which separates knows

But aloneness is not separative. It is something that is not the many,
which is not influenced by the many, which is not the result of the
many, which is not put together as the mind is; the mind is of the many.
Mind is not an entity that is alone, being put together, brought
together, manufactured through centuries. Mind can never be alone. Mind can
never know aloneness. But being aware of the loneliness when going
through it, there comes into being that aloneness. Then only can there be
that which is immeasurable. Unfortunately most of us seek dependence. We
want companions, we want friends, we want to live in a state of
separation, in a state that brings about conflict. That which is alone can
never be in a state of conflict. But mind can never perceive that, can
never understand that, it can only know loneliness.

The Book of Life - December 3

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