The Wisdom

I have a comment which post here, a friend asking why I am (all the time) writing or quote from other person, and may be people would never knew if I am a wise one or a fool one, and maybe I never really understand what I was writing. Hmm … those all a nice statement comes to me.

first of all, I love the quote from JK (Jiddu Krishnamurti), thats why maybe I wish to share to all of you.

It never be important for me – to be wise one – the life I walk on, is the steps that I have now, this very moment, the past will never last the future isn’t exist at all. It is the very moment I see, and I never found something that worthy to say as “wisdom”.

I’m sorry if I am not a wise one, I live the life, the very now, the eternity.

And sure I know, but it very have a little means, about the great ithiasa – Mahabharata – the story nice for a kid who wise to have a tight sleep, there is a beautiful morality and a high quality of spiritual voyage – if you my friend would like to said like that.
But my friend, we life a real world – the reality, not a story, the ithiasa may told you where to go, but to go there, you should wake up and start to move, thats all about the life.

This life is beauty, this life is love, but to much playing our mind would never let us know what is that beauty is neither what is that love is, and do the story live in mind or in reality?

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