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“Friends, yes… that how we call it. Like the whole world are my friends…”

If those words remind you for something, maybe it was a short video clip that used to be on television back at 1990s. When my child memories’ store still able to grasp a little of that moment. It was one of most beautiful song I ever heard that time. Maybe just by the spirit within, I feel something warm and beauty by listening that song.

Les amies ,c’est fini .
Ils est tout mon amies.
Les amies mon passion.
Mon amour elles est te.
Elles est ton amies.
Oui, mon amies.
Oui les tout jours.
Les amies ,c’est fini .
Ils est tout mon amies.
Les amies mon passion.
Mon amour elles est te.

The song has been gone since I grew up; I was a little child who could not remember a single trace about this song. I don’t know, maybe the moment I met my next journey in life, I again able to hear this beautiful melody in my daily life.

I would like to share it for you. I wish you love it :heart:

9 tanggapan untuk “Friends”

  1. Silakan dicomot saja Mas, blog ini kan lisensinya Creative Commons, jadi selama memenuhi syarat / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 tidak ada masalah 😀


  2. Terimakasih Banyak…Boz


  3. Bozz..minta ijin pasang link ini..di blog saya


  4. jangan sia-siakan sahabatmu intinya mah!
    .-= nafis´s last blog ..Narsis Facts About Me # Part : 2 =-.


  5. Yeah, That is a good idea…
    Friendship without thinking black, white, yellow, red….


  6. Hmmmm….
    Tumbuh dan berkembang sesuai usia manusia.
    Jatuh bangun bersama, semakin erat, atau hancur berantakan…


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