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I’m Not A Violist

Violin is remarkable and amazing musical instrument that human kind ever created. Everybody would easily fall in love with the beauty sound of a violin in the right hand. If there is a musical instrument I’d like able to play, I wish a violin in my hand.

But a friend told me, even in a class of music, only the students with highest rank would able to hold a violin. Meanwhile I’m blind in musical notation, and everything about playing a musical instrument. Well, I just look like a donkey which tried to cross over a mountain in a single jump.

Sometimes I just hold my old dusty violin, clean it up, and gazing for a moment. I really don’t have any idea where to start. I won’t take any class to learn how to play violin, just like I never take a class to learn how to build a website. It is a hobby, I never put my self in front of black or white board to hear some expert tutoring me.

I turn on my DVD player, and put some classical music instrumental audio CD. Listening any part of the melodies, try to capture any magical sound that bring about peace and harmony in my mind. For awhile the moment just make me feel in the very vast ocean, where the wind blows softly, and the sea current running gently takes me to the never land. I can see how the clouds change their form from one beauty to another beauty.

A couple hours later, I realize that I did fall asleep in my bad. And I have not grasp any more talent by listening the music. At lest I can smile to my self, and say yes, if I love this musical instrumentation so much, and so much that I dream to make myself able to play even a single bar of musical notes.

I remember that day, she smile at me and asking me to play one song for her. And the only thing I can do only offering a simple pizzicato without so much harmony. What a shameless moment. But yet, I still love to hold my violin, even I can’t play the simplest notes. It is a joy to love a harmony.

If someone asking me if I can play a violin, ah.., sorry, I am not a violist…, at least, not yet.

18 tanggapan untuk “I’m Not A Violist”

  1. biola ya….
    aku dulu juga punya mimpi bisa jadi violist, tapi mamaku memutuskan supaya aku les piano. Aku jadi pianist keren? ga juga, kurang tekun.
    Yang lain latihan 2 jam sehari, aku seminggu sekali sejam. hahaha!
    ujian terakhirku dengan lagu “Last Sorrow” nilainya B. 😐

    Untuk membuat benda mati menjadi indah adalah kemauan yang sangat kuat. Bukan cuma cerdas atau pintar. That’s what I learned…..


    1. Wah ternyata Put, aku terharu mendengar kisahmu. Gimana kalau HUT ke-3 BBC besok ada acara resital piano Putri Astiti 🙂
      .-= Cahya´s last blog ..Singing Your Heart’s Song =-.


  2. wah… saya juga punya cita2 bisa main violin sepertinya suaranya itu bisa membuat pendengar dan pemainnya melayang2… betul gak begitu ya?


  3. huiiiii….

    jadi pengen denger nie..



  4. Nice to met you again.
    I like the sound of this musical instrument tool.
    Unfortunately could not play 😦


  5. tx kunjungannya yah..
    btw aku buka kamus dulu deh baru balik lagi..]


  6. I won’t forget that our national anthem was created by a violist.


  7. biola, kapan ya aku bisa maenin alat musik satu itu 😀
    .-= ian´s last blog ..Bisa saja tahun 2012 Bumi kiamat =-.


  8. tentang biola, aku jd inget anak2 yg main biola utk anak2 pengidap HIV. menarik sekali. sesama mereka berinteraksi lewat biola. keren..
    .-= a!´s last blog ..Kado Terindah Dua Tahun BBC =-.


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