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Sleep Tight

Last night after a short meeting and dinner with Mr. Shadow Blogger – Dani Iswara, I came home earlier since I could not tolerate any longer the ultimate drowsiness – just like have been shoot by high dose of diazepam. Obviously (or maybe) because I did swimming on the noon before, and yet has not been eating since morning (I missed the “suhoor happy hour”) but a couple of potato donuts that Nandini gave me (its delicious).

With a high specific dynamic action, my body couldn’t stand it anymore. Like an abundant amount of energy flew away from within me. I fallen asleep without second warning, luckily I woke up about 1 a.m., so I didn’t miss the happy hour again – not if Professor Virus won’t woke me up again. After has my breakfast around 3 a.m., I got sleep again with Taz – as how it used to be – so tight till 6 in the morning.

Today I have a plan to visit Ambarukmo Plaza, looking for some stuff for office and else – obviously plus sightseeing on book store, and looking for some classical audio compact disc (if there is some budget left) – plus I hope won’t forget to look for “Ubi Bakar Cilembu”.

I feel a little bit refreshed today, and preparing for the stress hours tomorrow, let grab the day fully now!

6 tanggapan untuk “Sleep Tight”

  1. nandini arundati Avatar
    nandini arundati

    Hahaa.. maaf ya Bli, saya bikin makin lapar rupanya.. 😀
    saya sendiri juga tidur sangat pulas.. tapi tidak selama itu.. 😛


    1. Nandini,

      Sepertinya karena ndak ada yang bangunin saya :).


  2. Itu sih namanya "Tidur Mati" hehehe.


    1. Pak Aldy,

      Ya, mungkin bisa dibilang begitu 😀


  3. Hengki,

    A college student should get more exercises, or he sleep all the day when gets long holiday, and become a batman at the night 😀


  4. I'm having a problem of sleeping in the night, since it's a long holiday, I've been enjoyed living as a batman (not really 😀 ). How poor I am, I hope that it's getting better because there will be a busy day after august.


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