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Bhyllabus Was Hacked?

Unfortunately yes, this blog was hacked. And I didn’t notice until this afternoon. I was busy recovering myself from severe cold this last three days, so I didn’t check my blog homepage. My homepage was redirected to a suspicious page under AmazonAWS domain/host. After searching some webmaster info into the net, I found the issue was with javascript from FeedCat.

It still debated or doubted whether feedcat was sold to hacker and got hacked, so all the sites which using it services got this issue. Well, if you are using feedcat counter, perhaps you would like to remove it right away.

No, there is no more problem with this redirection issue. But yes, I got a notice this morning from Vishal Gupta that a page missing from my blog and causing error 404 on, but I never though it was because this hacked script from FeedCat. Well, better more careful next time, especially when found a redirection just like this one:


You can find about this issue on article:

11 tanggapan untuk “Bhyllabus Was Hacked?”

  1. Dihack gimana Cahya?


    1. Wah, jangan tanya bagaimana, saya bukan peretas e’ Deva :D.


  2. ternyata …. 😆


  3. pada awalnya aku pikir itu adalah iklan yg sengaja bli cahya pasang.


    1. Mas Alief, kalau saya pasang iklan biasanya hanya yang bisa diblok via peramban pengunjung, kalau tidak bisa diblok berarti ada yang salah.


  4. bli my condolence to your blog 😀 …


    1. Thanks, its worthed a hour of lesson :D.


  5. you know Vishal Gupta?


    1. Well, he is well known among Microsoft MPV :).


    2. ohhh .. i though you knew him personally (cyber-personally 😆 ) … I’m a big fan of him too you know. I always visiting his web everyday to browse his archive , until i get attach to linux 😀 … taht dude rocks the most! thanx to him, my xp look alike windows 7 before i switch now into ubuntu-look


    3. Yup, I always said like Vishal on Windows, like Gayan on GNU/Linux, both of them are the fountain of IT information for Geeks :D.


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