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Under Your Rain

I know somehow this moment above our land is unspeakable, simply wondering if we can put all of this feeling into some right words. But no matter how we express it, the gratitude and joy just flow naturally within this thin cold air.

When we together, I can feel the utmost freedom blowing softly through my wings. When we together, there is no place beyond my reach.


But now, when you are pouring all your heavy burdens, I realize how weak I am. All I can do is waiting for your bright and clear moment to come again.

You are my sky, I am the sovereign wings under your bright clear blue.

Here, I am under your rain, patiently waiting for the moment when we can together again, my freedom giver.

(Inspired by Bing Photography).

16 tanggapan untuk “Under Your Rain”

  1. aah… I didn’t know you could be so poetic 😀
    Waiting for the rain to stop so the tweety bird can fly again…
    Hope the rain stop soon 🙂


    1. 3sna, ah…, no, I am not a poetic person :).


  2. Waiting … I’m Waiting … :mrgreen:
    my .. ‘o … you and me, we’re the same after all … 😀


    1. I am just waiting for my (new) green geeko Rangga 😀


  3. fotonya keren brooooo. karya sendiri ya? mantap! 😀


    1. Indobrad, nope, the credit belong to Bing :).


  4. When it rains I usually take shelter under the roof to warm the body. Because if forced to be exposed to rain, my body so light and fly and shortly after that will fall sick 😆


  5. Burungnya kuning, saya suka kuning
    #out of topic 🙂


    1. Some romantic and passionate woman love yellow, are you one of them? :).


  6. Everything’s come and gone, Bli.. only memories remain.. 🙂


  7. So let it rain down and wash everything away. I hope that tomorrow the sun will shine. With every tomorrow comes another life (Creed – Rain)

    ngepas bgt liriknya LD


  8. burungnya seperti masih kering dan air hujan tidak menempel di bulunya ya mas 😀


    1. Ha ha…, since I put some glow and oil paint effect on it :).


  9. bird can fly in the rain, maybe bird is the king of the rain,, 🙂


  10. Love the photo much..


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