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Restless Mind

When a restless mind comes, I don’t want just to stay still. I want to dance with the rain, I want to walk within the wind. When a restless mind comes, I just can’t let myself being alone.

When a restless mind comes, I share no happiness nor sadness, I receive no right nor obligation. I simply am a twisted gyrate emotion.

Sleepy Noon

And then…, I just let myself fell into a deep rest, with nature hold me tightly, like a sparkling falling star that touched the earth after a restless journey – never let it go back to the sky.

I am now the sky, I am now the earth, I has no beginning – nor I has an end.

This is a tale of a restless mind.

15 tanggapan untuk “Restless Mind”

  1. Anjingnya lucuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu *uyel2*


  2. Like Bruno Mars song.. “Today i swear i’m not doing anything..” 🙂


  3. Tapi galak gak ya sama orang seperti saya 🙂


  4. Is it your dog? Cuteee. I love dogs.
    When a restless mind came I just crawl into my bed and hide under the blanket waiting for my husband to comfort me with his long warm hug 🙂


    1. Yes, we my say it is my (family) dog – we have couple. If you have someone to share, definitely everything would become lighter :).


  5. Oh God … when this restless mind comes to an end *malah curhat sendiri*


  6. stay on the earth, fly on the sky


  7. saya juga lagi gelisah…. menunggu jodoh 🙂


  8. jadi rileks baca ini.


  9. just let it go doggy …
    expand your wings and fly away..
    Did you have a pair of wings?


  10. Dan kegelisahan itu sekarang sedang membelenggu diotak saya mas, mikirin nasib skripsi yang dikejar deadline 😆
    Tapi ketika rasa gelisah itu datang, saya sih dibawa enjoy mas, jalan2 bareng teman, refleshing 😀
    Biar otaknya cerah lagi 😀


  11. When restless come to me, am trying to close my eyes. Try to think that my negative thought will never happen. When restless come to me, I’d prefer to spend my time with people I loved to reduce my restless. And a cup of tea can be a good friend to me when that thing coming…


  12. guguknya bisa begitu ya warnanya,heheh
    maaf ya oot mase,wakakaka


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