Life is One

Tonight, I get a mail from a far away friend, George Stefanakis. He sent me a link to his new uploaded video in YouTube. I never met him personally, but we know by chance on the same – I forgot, perhaps – one or two talk about K‘s works.

When I opened the and listen to his music – Life is One, it’s very nice, so I decide to share it here.

And here is the lyrics:

Life is one.
It has no beginning, no end,
The source and the goal live in your heart.
You are caught up
In the darkness of its wide chasm.
Life has no creed, no belief,
It is of no nation of no sanctuary,
Not bound by birth or by death,
Neither male nor female.
Can you bind the “waters in a garment? Or “gather the wind in your fists?
Answer fried,
Drink at the fountain of life,
I will show the way.
The mantle of life covers all thinks.

Well, I love it. But more than the song, I believe Mr. Stefanakis would like for us to get the message.

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