Real Education

The mind creates through experience, tradition, memory. Can the mind be free from storing up, though it is experiencing? You understand the difference? What is required is not the cultivation of memory but the freedom from the accumulative process of the mind.You hurt me, which is an experience; and I store up that hurt; and that becomes my tradition; and from that tradition, I look at you, I react from that tradition. That is the everyday process of my mind and your mind. Now, is it possible that, though you hurt me, the accumulative process does not take place. The two processes are entirely different.If you say harsh words to me, it hurts me; but if that hurt is not given importance, it does not become the background from which I act; so it is possible that I meet you afresh. That is real education, in the deep sense of the word. Because, then, though I see the conditioning effects of experience, the mind is not conditioned.

Book of Life – July 18th – Jiddu Krishnamurti.

Share Our Love

The words as simple as much we heard them. But do we already share our love … share for the world, humanity, peaceful harmony.
Do we deeply care for being care?
Do we try just to try on making better living?
Just … let we answer it … in no more words.

Tatapan Pertama

Kini dalam rumpun yang tak pernah asing bagiku, langkah awalku dalam bahasa pertiwiku. Kugenggam sehelai angin persada dan membawanya bersama langkah-langkahku.

Memorial of Violet

I’m starting to find the lost treasure of the my memorial … goodness, But what I found just everything in a cover of violet. Then I understand, why I need to stain the unstaining future without paint. Posted by Picasa

Waiting to Wait

As I never know what kind of sunrise would comes tommorow, wakes me up from another dream, as I searching for why I should stay to wait something that absolutely never for sure to know prefer then doing something just for doing something.
Did I was waiting to wait something so unnecessary, or did I waitting to wait and make my self clear for this nature processes.

The Destiny

Its sure that destiny could not be changed, cause mostly we never know for sure … what kind of fact we would face for. But for somehow we could create our destiny by our own scenario.
The point of view was hidden inside of limited power that every being have. But something that flow so naturaly within the law of action-reaction, the one who truly understand the universal law, would understand what kind of reaction he/she would get by his/her appropriate action.
Then could you imagine that we could create a destiny, event a small one?

Care own honest

Its more important not to know if anyone honest in us, but to know are we realy honest to our self.

Finding something I truly care for my future, its my self for who I am realy are.

Living Life

None of that path I ever realize as the only one path to my future, some of them are truly dark and the other just like the opposite.
Just being so simple, I could reach the unknown part of my knowledge door. So I could realize more and more about this living life.