Bhyllabus l'énigme

A Cahya Legawa's Les pèlerins au-dessus des nuages


  • Letter

    It is not a mere words that I wish, that I hope when it reaches you, it is my soul – unbounded by wind, sea, and sky. It is not just alphabetic conceptions that delivered to your small hands, it is my heart – unlocked by the earth and all the trees those never bow… Continue reading

  • Distant Little Place Called Hope

    The sky can become darker and darker, the land may no longer shakes hand with us, and the time left us will all possible fortune ahead. No more merry-go-round this time to offer our children laugh and joy. I myself, found this kind of moment are the most desperate one. Continue reading

  • Into A New Chapter

    I’ve been on my own full mind lately, so I nearly have no time to write something. Somehow, I do think I understand what it means entering a new chapter, well it’s not the first time, but it’s instead a new arch in this life. Continue reading

  • A Long Waited Goodbye

    Yesterday, at last, I give a proper goodbye after this whole years. I’ve give the second chance that was ask, I’ve give the long-lost feeling that has wondered, and I’ve come to the path that no one ever step in before. Continue reading

  • Just For Today, I’ll be with you

    I found the world has many strange ideas when I met you, something that I never imagined before. I don’t know what to say, or perhaps I drowned inside your charming calmness. Those memories was story we left behind, something that shall not be as any part of the future. But don’t worry, I shall… Continue reading

  • Scrambling My Heart

    When I met you on the crossed twilight of past, I know the fate already has scrambling my heart. I know old people said, “love shall never can be found, so seeking is futile, but even love would surely found you, waiting is obvious futile too.” There was no peculiar moment, nor any strange aura… Continue reading

  • In Your Heart Forever

    I am watching “Brother Bear 2” right now on television, and there was a very nice words, said as… When you love, they will stay in your heart forever. It sounds obvious, doesn’t it? The only think that can make everything vaporizing from within our soul is what human call as hatred. Well, if you… Continue reading

  • Secret

    Oh, do you have a secret – that was a question addressed to me long time ago. I already forget who was asked me, but the question was direct and clear. And I knew its a serious question people might ask you. I do have secrets, not only a secret – I think I did… Continue reading

  • Colourless Nightmare

    When it used to come in the past, I still can remember clearly that it would made me cry unintentionally. It still as clear as the day it was happened. I should know, the day when she took my heart and stabbed it right in front of my eyes – this life would be never… Continue reading

  • A Border of Heart

    One is said has a beautiful heart when its vast as sky & charm as ocean, while both sky & sea has no limit that visible by human eyes. So does it mean that a heart should be borderless to be beautiful? I don’t think so, even ocean & sky has their borders, we just… Continue reading

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