Love at First Sight

It has to be an eternal question to any soul that filled with curiosity about the “thing” that we know as love. “Do you believe in love at first sight?” – If I were offered with that kind of question, I would humbly reply, “Do you?” Put it in simple deductions, if you ever feltLanjutkan membaca “Love at First Sight”

We aren’t so merciful

Two college students from different faculty met each other on a lunch at the same cafeteria. Soon they’ve know each others, and they knew if the was working with some researches that use rattus norvegicus as experimental rats. They are now asking each other about what they have done with the rats after the experimentLanjutkan membaca “We aren’t so merciful”

Motor Tua

Sudah cukup lama aku bersama dengan #Yamaha #Jupiter keluaran awal ini. Mungkin cukup unik di masa itu dengan dua lampunya yang lucu. Sayangnya seperti napas orang yang sudah #lansia, banyak masalah mulai bermunculan. Baru beberapa minggu yang lalu diganti #gear dan #rantainya, sekarang malah giliran kedua lampu depannya padam. Ah…, kok bisa keduanya sekaligus –Lanjutkan membaca “Motor Tua”

Our Heritages Our Legacies

It has been almost two and a half years since I joined UNESCO’s World Heritage in 2008. I just found again the World Heritage’s map stuck in some place messed with my medical textbooks. And its bring a lot of memories back there. I wasn’t an active member, just – you may say it –Lanjutkan membaca “Our Heritages Our Legacies”