What is Right Action ~ Part 3

AUCKLAND NEW ZEALAND 2ND VASANTA SCHOOL GARDENS TALK 31ST MARCH, 1934 Friends, Most people who are at least thoughtful desire to find out if there is something which is more lasting, in which life is more full, complete, and they describe that reality as God, truth, or life itself. Now, to me, there is suchLanjutkan membaca “What is Right Action ~ Part 3”

What is Right Action ~ Part 2

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND 1ST VASANTA SCHOOL GARDENS TALK 30TH MARCH, 1934 Friends, It seems rather a pity that on a fair morning like this we should talk about the various oppressions and cruelty that we every day support, and the various exploitations that are taking place consciously or unconsciously about us; and yet we smileLanjutkan membaca “What is Right Action ~ Part 2”