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  • 25 Years with Keichi and Belldandy

    I won’t believe it, but it truly comes to an end. The sweet story Ah! My Goddess has reach the finale on today final chapter. Its already 25 years since the very first chapter at 1988, and now 2014 – the amazing story didn’t lost it’s magical touch. Oh My Goddess! Aa! Megami-sama! (TV) –… Continue reading

  • Picking Up A Hotel in Yogyakarta

    Well, it been a while since I wrote in English here. I think I shall write down something now. This afternoon I made a reservation for some standard rooms at Abadi Hotel Jogja, which only took about 2 minutes from Malioboro Street and about 10 minutes from The Sultan Palace by feet. I almost got… Continue reading

  • Secret Operation–Code: Moonhunt

    Its a little bit a while since I signed my last secret operation last year – The Moonarch! So, here me again, assigned to a new secret operation, which mean I’ve to leave Bhyllabus for the time being. I do not sure how long this operation would take me away from the cyber world, perhaps… Continue reading

  • Hugging You

    How should I put every single of my careless act into some snowy poetry, or the spring would surely ended those masks this year. I haven’t met my expectation much this weeks, and I think again I have put so much pressure upon my own self already. What a wasted sigh. Recently, mirroring my own… Continue reading

  • Leaving Bhyllabus Again

    Suddenly there is something stroke sharp within my chest this morning. I think I have some of precious moments from the past were flashing rapidly within my mind. I don’t understand, I think I’ve take a good care of my medication lately – but surely its not about physical matters – my heart beats rapidly… Continue reading

  • Merry Christmas 2010

    Last year, there was someone special who shared a Christmas moment with me. We have so much dreams – our dreams I would say for that very blissful moment. I think, if there is something called as happiness – it has to be that very moment we spend together. Then I found time created different… Continue reading

  • A Day Off

    Tomorrow I’d take a day off from blogging, well, its Bhyllabus’s 3rd anniversary (or could be the 4th – I don’t remember that). You might see the new colour here – powered by Liquorice with Google Font API – or perhaps something like that. Like I said before, I have no plan – maybe just… Continue reading

  • Offline–Need Rest

    This morning I woke up with intense pain around my chest, I think it would blow up my torso from inside – what a terrible sensation. And then the pain became sharp and well localized within the retrosternal area. I had no idea what is going on, I thought it was esophagitis – but I… Continue reading

  • Dark Rain

    Well, I’d love a cup of black tea when the dawn comes. But a black rain in the afternoon? Hmm…, its a little bit hard to believe. This afternoon, a short heavy rain stroke my village. The volcanic dust were swept away from the roofs and trees (if you remember my post previously “Jogja Berselimut… Continue reading

  • Salad and Coffee for Lunch

    I did find myself this noon at Bethesda hospital while accompanying my neighbour to visit his doctor. It was a hard day in Jogja with volcanic dust still everywhere in the air, we must always use mask when going out. But, after having some hard time at Sardjito hospital, I thought my body already been… Continue reading

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