Visiting Florists on A New Year

I have wrote my feeling about this new year on “25 Year and Single”, now what was I do on new year day? New year would a single holiday for me, I would spent sometimes on natural resort if possible. But being in Jogja – I didn’t have much to choice. Visiting beach shall tookLanjutkan membaca “Visiting Florists on A New Year”

Meet Tobby The Brownie

Recently, our dorm has a new guest – and maybe would become our new family member here. Few days ago, our neighbour found a small puppy beside his wheal, and the puppy seems to be so terrified and scared to human. Since adopting pets especially dog used to be uncommon manner around our neighbourhood,  heLanjutkan membaca “Meet Tobby The Brownie”

An Hour with World Peace Orchestra

World Peace Orchestra (WPO) is a musical orchestra group founded by Dwiki Dharmawan. I saw a pamphlet showing WPO shall has a performance at Graha Sabha Pramana (GSP) on October 17. This performance would be the part of 60th anniversary of Gadjah Mada University (UGM). You may find the detail on WPO’s blog here (inLanjutkan membaca “An Hour with World Peace Orchestra”

Whispering Rain On Yogyakarta

Almost one month ago, Bali had entered its rain season this year. My family always call me to make sure everything were fine while I’m in Yogyakarta. And my answer always the same, if Yogyakarta is always sunny as ever (I felt like the climax of a global warming effect every day). I think JogjaLanjutkan membaca “Whispering Rain On Yogyakarta”


Today is my “otonan“, maybe if you weren’t Balinese you might asking what is “otonan“? It is a local culture based anniversary or birthday in Balinese Hindu people. We traditionally do not have a birthday system just as the western culture has on their Georgian calender’s system (which is today adopted as international birthday system).Lanjutkan membaca “Otonan”