Bhyllabus l'énigme

A Cahya Legawa's Les pèlerins au-dessus des nuages


  • A Soul Dances within the Wilderness

    I make you meet the great fairies, deep within the land that lays beyond ignorance. I make your dreams, flew between the rift of silent forest. So there, your soul may dance with the unknown, just like the new moon meets the sun. I am your beloved, the dancing partner of your love in this… Continue reading

  • My Smiling Cloud

    When the last time I look over the blue bright sky? – I ask myself. Silently sitting alone under the vast sky, but only desperately look at the bottom of life. The life above there, was long forgotten. Continue reading

  • Love is a Rebellious Bird

    Tell me, if you can’t love me, I shall love you. Since love just a rebellious bird, which you can cage it forever in each vegetative feeling. When will I love you? Good Lord, I don’t know, Maybe never, maybe tomorrow. But not today, that’s for sure. Love is a rebellious bird That none can… Continue reading

  • Story of My Life

    I don’t believe there would be someone has any interest in other life story if not that story has a charm. If they have no interest, then they would far from understanding those stories out there. But how about my own story of my life? Continue reading

  • Affettuoso

    I don’t know how long it has been. Tiredness covers my every single noon. Even life connected each other, we surely don’t ever feel much of it. Then human start to take only his own burden, and I said to myself, we just forget what we used to be, or perhaps, we just never be… Continue reading

  • I Fear

    I fear not the world that left me behind, I fear not that I left the world behind. I fear, a simple woke up that strangled within a masked face. I am a sun that doesn’t fear lost a day, I am the day that doesn’t fear has no sun. The heaven may calls me,… Continue reading

  • The Light isn’t Coming Near

    How many times we felt trapped, not within a physical boundaries, but within our own incapability? Desperately hope for a way out, but only death ends those await. Perhaps there is a hope, glimmering softly on the far side; just like sitting by the night windows and seeing the moon just about within our reach,… Continue reading

  • One Step Closer

    Yes, today as always for each passing year is the day of you and me. Perhaps you already walk beyond the heaven, while I keep walking under the same sky that we shared before that time came. I shall not call your name, nor shall you should call mine – since that is one of… Continue reading

  • Meeting the Face of Reality

    What sweet is in your mind that is the most sweet thing you ever wish to come true? What passion that you already pull and push around your life so you live your dream to the most extended distance? The final question is, are you a realist or are you a dreamer? Continue reading

  • Zero Infinity

    With all the effort, even one is zero, he still capable of giving the infinity to the world. Even when one feel as nothing worthy in this land, one should not stop in the middle of desperation – one can’t change anything by stopping there. Only the act of moving forward with kindness shall bless… Continue reading

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