Bhyllabus l'énigme

A Cahya Legawa's Les pèlerins au-dessus des nuages


  • Life is One

    Tonight, I get a mail from a far away friend, George Stefanakis. He sent me a link to his new uploaded video in YouTube. I never met him personally, but we know by chance on the same – I forgot, perhaps – one or two talk about K‘s works. Continue reading

  • Run! Run! Happiness is Chasing You Down!

    Ah yes, I remember again that for a lot of people, life is about pursuit of happiness. There were moment when we see people tirelessly chase their dreams, ideals, or perhaps in a simpler way – their life! Yes, you met so hard that you desperately tried everything, just to survive. And that survival would… Continue reading

  • Before The Dream Catcher Born

    Where are we before the dreams born? Before we learn how to put our dreams up high, and fly to reach them later. I remember teachers always say to have our dreams as high as our imagining can reach it. Well, they sound said it easily like crossing our fingers, but in reality, if you… Continue reading

  • Where Do I Stand

    Spring is here; or is it still winter?, a photo by Chief Bwana on Flickr. I am saying to myself, if life is a painting, I would paint the most wonderful place where I can stand on it. But sometimes, life is already a full canvas, with its own beautiful brushes. I just can make… Continue reading

  • A Path for Future

    What do you think of future? I always think that future is a non-exist element in this life. Perhaps life is a random walk, but I won’t deny that many people try to shape their future from the very present time. Continue reading

  • I May Not Lead Nor Might Follow You

    Every person born free – at least that we all believe in, even sometime reality showed us a cruel side of being free. Everyone free to stand on their own feet, walk within their own path, believe in their faith. Continue reading

  • Into A New Chapter

    I’ve been on my own full mind lately, so I nearly have no time to write something. Somehow, I do think I understand what it means entering a new chapter, well it’s not the first time, but it’s instead a new arch in this life. Continue reading

  • I Got Another Taz

    This evening we have lunch, but before that – I never imagine if there will be a gift presented to me (well, I know its February, and I won’t get any next 14th since I am already leaving). Continue reading

  • Memories Left Behind

    This afternoon, I spent hours for my last rode on this old capital, just passed some memorable streets and buildings. I no longer know, whether this day belong to dry or rainy season, all I know that I wish to see all those memorable intersections and corners once more, just for once more. Continue reading

  • Little Globes of Natural Happiness

    A long time ago, and I really think it was a long time ago. I have had always this thing in my mind, a question – just a small question, without any answer, since it has no answer. Yet I had no answer, nor I have any urge to find any answer. Continue reading

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