Story of My Life

I don’t believe there would be someone has any interest in other life story if not that story has a charm. If they have no interest, then they would far from understanding those stories out there. But how about my own story of my life?

Sayonara Path

Saya memang biasanya mengakhiri penggunaan akun jejaring sosial yang saya rasa sudah tidak sesuai/cocok lagi dengan kebutuhan ataupun sudut pandang saya. Dan kali ini yang saya hentikan penggunaannya adalah Path, salah satu jejaring sosial berbasis ponsel pintar, hanya bisa diakses melalui ponsel pintar. Sudah lama sebenarnya saya ingin mengakhiri penggunaan jejaring sosial Path, dan akanLanjutkan membaca “Sayonara Path”

Little Sky and Big Flower

Sometime, and some other many times, life is just (more or less) about the personal point of views. And all pictures are about understanding, or perhaps the capability of knowing and accepting things that we call a belief. So there, including what we believe as to the right things and their opposite – the (perhaps)Lanjutkan membaca “Little Sky and Big Flower”

A Never Arrive Understanding

Last morning, I have a chat with someone from my past via twitter – not a long chat at all. She was “a nearly fiancé” to me, we know each other at high school, our families acknowledged our relationship, everything were – if I may say – beyond perfect. Well, that was definitely the storyLanjutkan membaca “A Never Arrive Understanding”

The Path That We Avoided

If we were driving to reach any destination, we shall take many things into consideration. The traffic, the road, the weather, the crowd, the distance, are some of those we merged into a consideration to make us decide which way shall we take. Some road are worthy to be avoided, especially when they prone toLanjutkan membaca “The Path That We Avoided”

I am a small bud of freedom

Rising under the first morning mist, I am a small bud of freedom. Come upon the labyrinth of winds, meet between hopes and life, I am a small bud of freedom. The morning dew which releasing all chain of past, I am a small bud of freedom. The very breath itself is freedom, the flowingLanjutkan membaca “I am a small bud of freedom”