Why tumblr is fun?

As we know, Tumblr is one of the popular blogging software/platform besides WordPress, Blogspot & TypePad. Since Tumblr has its own unique engine & user interface, it is hard for them who love blogging in a simple to deny its existence in cyberspace. The dashboard, unlike WordPress and Blogspot, its design with futuristic navigation withLanjutkan membaca “Why tumblr is fun?”

Two Simple Reasons

Why you always going to that “warung”, one asked my the another day. (note that warung mean a local/traditional food corner in Indonesia especially when you visiting the western region). Well, the reasons is simple… First, it always has green vegetables menu, though  I’m not a vegetarian, but I love green vegetables. And they alwaysLanjutkan membaca “Two Simple Reasons”

Reason Makes You Lost The Essential

When my friend – the Tobytall – shares about “No Reason, I Love You”. I found something much deeper than just those words…, yes the words is important but not the essential element if you may say so. People feel in love, I do feel love. I never thinking yet why for I fell love.Lanjutkan membaca “Reason Makes You Lost The Essential”