Redesign Manvahana

As you probably know, Manvahana is my official weblog. I do some changes recently, but nothing as a major change. It was created August this year (announced on “Manvahana Winter Project”), and develops slowly as its keeping it’s pace. I put typominima as its theme, for artistic & aesthetic aspects. It gives a bright sensationLanjutkan membaca “Redesign Manvahana”

Manvahana Winter Project

The last year’s winter project is becoming this ‘Bhyllabus’ today. Now I am going on this year’s winter project – still as the part of Lhagima Project Pilot of course. Well, you can easily recognize Lhagima Project by its’ icon with italic ‘L’ around light brown circle. This winter project would be called ‘Manvahana’ (seeLanjutkan membaca “Manvahana Winter Project”

Lhagima of Bhyllabus Winter Project

I would like to inform that I’m currently making a new project, called “Lhagima”. The firts idea was come after the new blog on worpdress. Now, I’m making a new great deal about this one. My previous project was “Haridivanandha”, or less to wrote as “Haridiva”. You see, the three firts blog of mine usingLanjutkan membaca “Lhagima of Bhyllabus Winter Project”