It cannot be invited

Let me put it differently: When the mind is free from the known,
it is a new mind, an innocent mind; it is in a state of creation
which is immeasurable, nameless, beyond time. And, we have been
discussing…what it is that prevents us from coming naturally,
easily, gracefully, to that state. It cannot be invited because
a petty mind cannot invite the immense. All pettiness has to come
to an end, and then the other is. The mind cannot imagine that
state of immensity. From its pettiness, from its shallowness, it
can project something which it thinks is beautiful, but that
which it projects is still part of its own ugliness.

The psychological structure of society is what we are. When the
structure is understood and there is freedom from it, then the
nameless, that in which there is no time, no progress, comes
into being.

Collected Works, Vol. XIII - 273

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