When thought as we know it has come to an end

It seems to me that the important thing is for the mind to
be in a state when it can allow itself not to ask, not to
demand, which does not mean acquiescence, acceptance, but
that the mind is really silent. The mind, being thought—
thought as the verbalization of certain experiences,
thought as memory, thought that is seeking, investigating—
cannot such thinking come to an end, so that the mind is
no longer projecting, is really still?
For then only is it possible for the mind to be free from
all illusion; then only shall we find out what is reality:
not the description of reality, not the explanations, not
the speculations, not the reality of someone else who has
experienced it—those things are utterly valueless, they have
no meaning. But, when the mind is really in that state when
thought as we know it has come to an end—thought which is
always strengthening the background of the conditioned
mind—then we shall find out what that nameless thing is.\t

Collected Works, Vol. VII - 271

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