Can’t Stoped … Can’t Dream Alone

Some times its crash and flash, run and gone, hit and disappear. Will I wacth something that even my mind can’t cacth it. Rotate between days and night, jumps between hell and heaven.

River in the sun is always burning, fire in the moon is always freezing. The earth could not follows the sun, the moon never follows the earth. But way the moon follows the sun, though sun never lead it.

It can’t be stopped … no matter what between your smile and some one else tears. It can not change. Like the moon and the sun, like venus and mars, like you and me. Its not depend on which way you walking on – but more to what point you need to get. That the way of people. But we are people of the people, we are the mobile mind, we are the tear of the tears, we are uncentered soul unsided spirit. We have our own way.

Let the days take more lights from me, but it would never take you away from me.

Let the the night freez my heart, but with you around it would be warmer than the summer.

Let the time make me lossing, but I promise you would never lose me.

Let the hell give me death or the heaven give me life, but without you everything would always hurt me.

Never need to follow or lead, let you walk beside me. I can’t dream alone, my future is not only form by my self. Who get my sun flower, she would be walk side of me. Together for a better tommorow.

But who am I, just a luck falling down from the sky neither come from earth so I can reach her to be my special friend. Even I could stop rain falling down, even I could hold the whole world, but its useless when I face your smile. Can I make you trust me, then let me enter you world.

I can give you nothing, but when sun grow from our field. Let me understand the language. Let me know, the red rose in your hand would be the way to reach the day after tommorow, so even me could understand who am I.

Let our love spring the days and night, make warm the night. Let the season show us, then singing back to us the heart song that might be lost.

But now, let the wind take my wish around the world till over the sky and under the sea, let the wish make you come home, I am always waitting for you, my love.

NB: Sebenarnya ini sudah kutulis bertahun yang lalu, tapi entah kenapa aku lupa pernah menulisnya. Mungkin inilah kehidupan yang sederhana itu.

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