Let The Journey Begin…

Remembering there was a lot of things passing in my space and time, in my life. Somehow there is a capture in moment so far away back, which indeed never touch again. They are hiding them self for some reason that not always clear, and then may they come to the present by a name of the unknown.

What we see it could be what we think, and what we think maybe what we believe. Just like the old Zen says, watch your mind since it may becomes though, watch your though since it may becomes words, watch your words since they may become action, watch your action since it may becomes your attitude, watch your attitude since it may becomes your character, watch your character since it may becomes your destiny. In a simple way we may say, the form of your mind shall be your destiny.

Mind works so beautiful when we use it, just by seeing it we may understand something hidden for this years of life. There is love, anger, hate, happiness, sadness, luck, feeling are starting. Take a journey to one mind, the deep of human heart, take a journey within….

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A writer, a tea & poet lover, a xanxia addict, an accidental photographer, - a medical doctor.

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