A Troubling Day

This morning I wake up with so much displeasure feeling 😥 , yeah… what I can do, nothing much… maybe ’cause this week shall be an examination week at internal medicine department. Seem to be a perfect reason to have a bad mood, don’t you think so? But that wasn’t all, nor the exams neither the forgotten dreams last night that make me unclear. This is about the crash in my operating system from last night, my single weapon (old ECS 536 notebook) which contain numerous e-Books and data from internal department e-learning shall be unaccessible, oh … no…, my papers… my works.
The whole chains of this misfortune was starting by an idea to make my operating system (Windows Vista SE) works faster, since I don’t have much monetary support to upgrade my internal memory (RAM), then I thought some fixing with old archive files, cookies, and registry errors, would help me better. I decided to use Advance WindowsCare V2 Personal ~ a freeware according to its site would be a newbies fixing some this “slow sickness” in operating systems, and makes it runs faster. In very sort time, the program started to scan my systems… after 5 minutes or less, it found nearly forty thousand problems, what a massive part! Of course, they were fixed automatically by the programs. In next half hour, I found a very strange feeling using my notebook. It ran slower then before, I was trying to find any trouble, well … it only made me find another problems. Internet connection falling down, Outlook crashed, Windows Mail cannot starting, Windows Sidebar could not opened, almost all programs from Microsoft just like frozen  from the inside. I just can’t fix them till now, as an alternative way, moving the another provider is a good idea. Using Mozilla Firefox – as web browser and Mozilla Thunderbird – as e-mail client are an ever better choices, less resources needed to run them in the same time. And still, OpenOffice.org was still one of the favorite office that can handle much of my works. But the troubles seem need to be fix before tomorrow, what a pain night… O:-)

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