Life Movement – Part 01

This morning, I found my self woke up in a miserable way. There are many things flew inside my mind, the next examination, the unfinished task, till very very unimportant one to including in this day schedule. “Ah… see”, I said to my self, in the same moment I used my sight to sweep every little corners of the room, just like it used to be, found nothing, cause nothing there, even it was not a search in real meaning.

Ting… ting… ting….” a sound and a thrill that I recognized which told me that a short message has reach me via the PDA Phone next the old bed. Seems as usual, Sis woke my up early morning just like the another day. I replied the message and thank for her kindness. This was nearly like a holy sacrament every morning, or they simple said as habit. Indeed, all one’s movement when the message came, when the message perceived, and when an act done, the very interest part when we walk with it. Otherwise, one shall only passing without live the sacrament, the harmony of life it self. Even, one told that he has a miserable condition yet.


Then, the first word to joy this life shall be honesty. One can not hide from any inner movement, just like sadness, happiness, anger, sorrow, or chaos. To know this condition in real means hiding nothing, its maybe fun your condition now, it would be change, or how hard you feel now, it never last forever. Honest not just a word, neither just and attitude, it is a melodies which live the truth, it s an art where everybody could look nothing then the real one.

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