Life Movement – Part 02

I sit in very ordinary position, the bajrasana ~ that a name of common given ~ then the only lamp turn off. The darkness of every sides reach my closed eyes in instance, the sweet odor of a burning perfumed stick so recognizable. I know my mind start playing some thoughts here and there, as long the moment start its first step, I see a very wild streams overlapping each other. I do not wish to block anything, since it becomes an utterly action. I could see the changing form of thoughts, memories, so of the shaken mind. A moment passed, suddenly I could see nothing, nothing but a feeling of me and this silence, what I great feeling before a voice of familiar one said to me, “Have you wake up? Then how is it, I have show you these things, these forms, you have seen dhukka” the voice was so clear, “yes” I said without moving my lips. “What is this silence”, I just wanted to ask but the voice state before me, “See you are moving again, you lost the silence.” I could see nothing, but this intuition said he was smiling, “This silence is nothing, you may call it an impermanence ~ the anicca, ah… its nothing … its really nothing, do not bother it at all”, “Only this far we go for now, the next journey shall be unknown, just let it be in mystery, for the moment is the important, live now, not tomorrow neither yesterday”. Nothing take a place till a voice let us know a session just over.

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