The Broken Page The Cloistral Words

I would like to write many things on this soft white page, but I’m affraid if I would make every body down again. Yes…, unfortunatly ~ dear friend ~ this page yet not ready to follow with my life motion.

There is nothing yet here, this a a broken page ~ the cloistral words. I wish so much, after the next winter, while my travelling back from the North have an ending here again on my beloved land of paradise, I wish I shall able to lay down some words here.

Please be patient until that very moment come into reality.

Well, meanwhile, if you found this page unwillingly, please let me take you to a page which there is maybe something you & me could share together. You may visit via this hyperlink to those pages.

Thank you.

Sincerly yours,

Cahya Legawa, I Putu.

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A writer, a tea & poet lover, a xanxia addict, an accidental photographer, - a medical doctor.

15 tanggapan untuk “The Broken Page The Cloistral Words

  1. Sama-sama Mas, kita sama-sama belajar koq, saya ini masih banyak tidak tahunya 🙂
    Ha ha, kalau bahasa tidak masalah, semasih bisa saling berkomunikasi. Saya menulis dalam bahasa Inggris hanya sekadar untuk aksebilitas dan latiha, toh masih banyak juga yang saya salah tulis. Tapi dari situ saya bisa belajar.
    .-= Cahya´s last blog ..Sang Permulaan =-.


  2. something like changing body’s background color, maybe. 🙂 then, against wcag color checker extension for fx 3.5.1.
    .-= dani´s last blog ..Sure, they are links =-.


  3. Yes, I just have a free time beside taking care my own stress stuation lately 😀

    But still net a lot think to learn from a high quality blogger like you, miss young doctor 🙂


  4. Yes, I am aware if Bli Dani means that the text would not appear 😀 (is that the problem you mention about?)

    I found it when I was trying to download the the using WLW, the whole page became pick balck at one, then I started to write but nothing appear. Gezz…, the font and the background was the same in color.

    It is not only bad for color blind people, but for me (am I normal :rotfl: ?) it no help at all either.

    Any suggestion for this issue?


  5. next you will find that motion.

    try to read this page on disable image mode. you will know one of the problem. 🙂

    testing the browser sniff.


  6. Sometimes writting becomes beyond fear neither passion, sometimes it carved into a very deep moment…, yes…, a moment to write, just like a single perfect moment that create the whole universe so we can meet and share happily just like now 🙂


  7. aargh, first at all, you don’t have to be afraid if you want to write something. just write it down.
    .-= a!´s last blog ..Teroris Itu Sudah Keluar dari Ajaran Agama! =-.


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