Lhagima of Bhyllabus Winter Project

I would like to inform that I’m currently making a new project, called “Lhagima”. The firts idea was come after the new blog on worpdress. Now, I’m making a new great deal about this one.

My previous project was “Haridivanandha”, or less to wrote as “Haridiva”. You see, the three firts blog of mine using this code name, and as long as I knew, there is no other using this name.

One of the begining, I have start using my new page on Lhagima, its named Lhagima of Bhyllabus. What…? The name cacthed by a strange sensation…? Sure, I don’t even know what is suppose to mean (Ah…, of course I know, it just a joke saying I do not know). It based on my second name and a place back on my childhood memory. Well if you see is not different from the Haridiva Project, its based on my firts name (Even there was a missing zero project too, which I never able to recover it).

See the logo above? Its a meganta ball with Vivaldi L circeling on it. Sure that is my second name, but whats the matter? Its okay as long it does not bother anyone, doesn’t it?

The year I shall busy for many think. Since this project is far away from top priority, maybe it shall take a move fully on this winter, and finish before the next summer of next year (well, easy to say, but in my country there are only two seasons, and some more like fruites seasons, DF season, and something like that).

What I wish for this project? Nothing, I wish for nothing, or may there is one thing, to share…, yes, just sharing something, it would be nice.

The next issue about this project shall be labeled with “Lhagima Project”. (I wish there will be no more issues, in my country the word of issue have more connotations than denotations, ah… what a shame).

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