"Aa-rathi" is a Sanskrit word meaning "The Close". "Aa-rathi" is the prayer song sung at the close of each Bhajan session. The "Aa-rathi" at the close of Sai Bhajans is really of profound significance. The camphor flame has itself has been endowed by Bhagavan with the value and validity of a grand prayer, the culmination of the hour-long yearning of all devoted hearts. Bhagavan says, "While it is being waved pray – O Lord! Make the allotted span of my life as pure, as fragrant and as transparent as camphor; let it consume itself in the fire, scattering light and the warmth of love to all around me and at the end of it all, let there be nothing left of me (as the camphor leaves no ashes or residue) to render me liable to another sojourn amidst pleasure and pain.". This is the prayer with which every session of homage to to Sai can appropriately close.

  1. Om Jaya Jagadheesa Harey Swami Sathya Sai Harey Bhaktha Jana Samrakshaka Bhaktha Jana Samrakshaka Parthi Maheshwara Om Jaya Jagadheesa Harey

Victory to Lord of Universe, Lord Sathya Sai, Who destroys grief, evil and miseries of life and Who guards and protects devotees. Victory to Lord of Lords – Lord of Parthi

  1. Sashi Vadhana Sree Karaa Sarva Praana Pathey, Swami Sarva Praana Pathey Aasritha Kalpa Latheeka Aasritha Kalpa Latheeka Aapadh Baandhavaa Om Jaya Jagadheesa Harey

O Graceful and Charming as a Full Moon ! O Auspicious One ! O Lord Sai! Thou art : the Indweller and life-force of all Beings; the wish- fulfilling Divine creeper to those who have surrendered to Thee; and kinsman, protector and friend in times of distress and calamities. Victory to Lord of Universe.

  1. Maatha Pitha Guru Dhaivamu Mari Anthayu Neevey Swami Mari Anthayu Neevey Naadha Brahma Jagan Naatha Naadha Brahma Jagan Naatha Naagendra Shayanaa Om Jaya Jagadheesa Harey

O Lord Sai! Thou art Mother, Father, Noble Teacher, Supreme Divinity and everything to us. O Lord Universe! Thou art Primeval Sound and art reclined on coiled serpent.

  1. Omkaara Roopa Ojaswi Om Saayi Mahadeva Sathya Saayi Mahadeva Mangala Aarathi Anduko Mangala Aarathi Anduko Mandhara Giridhari Om Jaya Jagadheesa Harey

O Splendorous One ! O Lord of Lords – Lord Sai ! Thou Form is Pranava. We pray Thee to accept the auspicious waving of flame of light (signifying the removal of ignorance). Victory to Thee, O Lord of Universe, Resident of Mandhar mountain – Lord Giridhari.

[Sing the following three times, each time at a faster pace than the previous one]

  1. Narayana Narayana Om Sathya Narayana Narayana Narayana Om Narayana Narayana Om Sathya Narayana Narayana Om Sathya Narayana Narayana Om Om Jai Sad Guru Devaa

Chant the name of Lord Sathya Sai Narayana, Whose Form is Pranava. Victory to Noble Teacher and Supreme Lord Sai, Sathya Sai.

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