Meet Tobby The Brownie

Tobby The Brownie

Recently, our dorm has a new guest – and maybe would become our new family member here. Few days ago, our neighbour found a small puppy beside his wheal, and the puppy seems to be so terrified and scared to human. Since adopting pets especially dog used to be uncommon manner around our neighbourhood,  he brought the puppy to our dorm, which the owner has a lot of dogs from small chiwawas to the big golden retriever (I wish there is a Saint Bernard) – those make our dorm so lively everyday.

In the first two weeks, Tobby – that how I call her (don’t ask me where I got that spontaneous call) – were always looked fear of something. She used to (even today) cornered her self when someone approached her. Well, we never know what was happened to Tobby – although she maybe got abuse from someone – that makes her so afraid of us now.

If she was abused in any manner, we should fell sorry for something like that still happening around us.

Animal rights, also referred to as animal liberation, is the idea that the most basic interests of animals should be afforded the same consideration as the similar interests of humans. Advocates approach the issue from different philosophical positions but agree that animals should be viewed as legal persons and members of the moral community, not property, and that they should not be used as food, clothing, research subjects, or entertainment (wikipedia about animal rights).

Maybe in our beloved country – Indonesia, there were no special issue which specifically refers to animal rights. We only have laws and rights to protect endanger species, thought not everybody seems thinking the same way – those who selling them at the black market – I dislike the most. Indeed our old philosophers always speak about life harmony with nature, we always exploiting and abusing everything around us. Last day I was watching television before I got shocked seeing news were people lovely slaughtering a shark which is so unlucky trapped on the fish net. I don’t happy to say it, but this is the world we live on today.

When I met Tobby, its remembering me back to my home in Gianyar Regency – Bali. We used to have dog(s) to help us guard our home. I have a lot of memories with them back there, dog weren’t live as longer as human commonly – the last one was Chili – a female Kintamani’s in glass black. When I was in junior high school there was disease – I don’t know what – seemed spreading in our area and only affect dogs, lot of them died tragically with so excessive bleeding from their mouth and rectal. I was have two dogs, the older one I could not save – even after bring him to pet clinic – he died in the same way, and I buried whim within our home yard.

Chili was as small as Tobby back then, I remembered Mom “kidnapped” her from my cousin house in Denpasar. I looked at Chili, she was pale and dying, she refused to eat and drink anything which make her more and more unlikely to survive. I remembered forcefully feeding her with sugar solution while my tears can stopped from falling down. She tried to rejected anything that came to her mouth, I was whispering slowly, “please…, just please don’t go”.

Well, I am glad she made it. We grown up together, fighting and sigh seeing was fun back then – till I wasn’t able to say good, she gone back couple years ago when I attending college in Yogyakarta. Well, I think I don’t act nicely to animal whole the times – and sometimes I could hurt them so badly that I can’t imagine if someone else could do the same terrible things as what I’ve done. But Mom always kind to animal, there was a street dogs – which has no owner – used to come home when he got hungry, Mom always knew he would come, and feed him with what we have in the kitchen, not like in Western world where owner give special food for their pets. Here we share the same food from kitchen, though we make so special recipes for them 🙂

Hold then the same view of the dog which has lost his master, which has sought him in all the thoroughfares with cries of sorrow, which comes into the house troubled and restless, goes downstairs, goes upstairs; goes from room to room, finds at last in his study the master he loves, and betokens his gladness by soft whimpers, frisks, and caresses.

There are barbarians who seize this dog, who so greatly surpasses man in fidelity and friendship, and nail him down to a table and dissect him alive, to show you the mesaraic veins! You discover in him all the same organs of feeling as in yourself. Answer me, mechanist, has Nature arranged all the springs of feeling in this animal to the end that he might not feel? — Voltaire (1694–1778)

Met Tobby the Brownie remembering me of so much precious things, thank you Tobby – wish we could be friend.

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