Singing Your Heart’s Song

Why people tied on past, while they were hiding from the future?

Let me release…, not one…, not two…, but the whole life at once

This heart bumping so fast but the eyes deny to look at the world

I have no voice – loud enough to reach the wall of my own confusedness

And the last piece of the puzzle…

Would be the end of a will

Well, would you like to sing together with me?

If you have nothing left but merely existence, why don’t we sing together?

The voice of emptiness – the wind of nothingness

Let us sing

And let go everything even before it be created

My dear world, my dear life, my dear smile, my dear pain within my dear song

Thanks for bringing me along to this very moment

The grasses shall never grow without a promise of our song

Our heart’s song is the beginning of existence and the end of inexistence

Let us sing … Singing your heart’s song

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