Visiting Florists on A New Year


I have wrote my feeling about this new year on “25 Year and Single”, now what was I do on new year day?

New year would a single holiday for me, I would spent sometimes on natural resort if possible. But being in Jogja – I didn’t have much to choice. Visiting beach shall took a very long road to South, and visiting mountain surely don’t much fun on North. Dear me…, why such I have much complain about natural resort in this regency – what a pain.

Wait a minute…, is there a lot of florists along the St. A Jazuli at Kotabaru, isn’t? I was smiling to my self – a lamp popped up above my head “cling”.

I took my old ride and going off for Kotabaru. Parking my bike in the front of my favourite shop no. 33 – than I continue sight seeing along the sidewalk on Western side. I did enjoy myself seeing so much fresh flowers of any kinds, the fragrances was so natural.

If just I walked few hundred more meters to North, I could see the evening sunset on West city’s horizon, the ivory brush of soft light along with the wind from the river bellow, flowing and mixing with some pedestrians’ chat along the way.

I could breath so deeply, and said to myself “What a stupid guy you are.”

Walked back to took my ride, I see the dim evening slowly made my vision sharper and see the contrast and beauty of many charming petals along my side. The hidden beauty inside a small old city.

Hmm…, I was really happy enjoying myself so I forgot to say Happy New Year 2010.

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