Amazed With OpenSuSE 11.2

It has been a week since I was starting in touch with this Linux Distro – The OpenSuSE 11.2 (please read back about trying OpenSuSE – in Bahasa). I do very pleased with how this Green Gecko works, just watching the new GUI and some fixing about many stuffs those made me confuse long time ago – but now, it just amazing.I chose Gnome Desktop instead KDE, yes I must admit KDE Desktop so grunge with its Plasma Desktop System. Even Plasma on KDE could look much better than Aero Desktop on Windows Vista or Windows 7. I search for simplicity this time, and Gnome could provide it with simple navigation – at least that what I believe – much people don’t.

I manage to use Compiz Fusion on my Gnome Desktop – and whoala… its just like magic – a nice friendly 3D live desktop (thanks Bli Dani for his help). With Emerald theme manager, its was a dream comes true – I can make my desktop just like any other desktop – Windows, MacOs, FreeBSD, and else with easy steps – but I prefer the simple one.

The other proportional change I made was based on “The Perfect Desktop – OpenSuSE 11.2 (GNOME)“. I can now type, write, paint, listening to music and watching videos by any formats was just easy as I were using Windows Vista.

Here is some settings I use:

  1. Open Office Org SuSE Edition – for office works;
  2. Banshee and XMMS for audio media players; (you may use Amarok as well)
  3. Totem and VLC for video media players; (you may use Kaffeine as well)
  4. Cheese for Webcam – I use Acer Crystal Eye on my Windows Vista; (Crystal Eye works better, but Cheese have some extra features)
  5. F-Spot and Google Picasa for Photo Album, I prefer Picasa since I use it on Windows too;
  6. Gimp for Photo Editing (you may refer it as the substitution for Adobe Photoshop);
  7. Ink for Graphic Editing (you may refer it as the substitution for Corel Draw);
  8. Bilbo Blogger (or Blogilo), as the substitution for Windows Live Writer;
  9. Choqok, as the substitution for Tweet Deck on Windows (you may use Tweet Deck in Linux OpenSuSE too, but need to install Adobe Air for Linux firstly); you may use Twitux or Gwibber as alternative.
  10. Web browsers still predominantly with Mozilla Firefox, next to Opera Web Browser and Google Chrome (not Chromium);
  11. Mozilla Thunderbird still my favorite email client in Linux with IMAP setting for Gmail;
  12. Pidgin was a good choice to replace much messengers on Windows, just put yahoo messenger, google talk, AIM in one place – and you should be chose Pidgin;
  13. If you prefer to read feed, FeedRea is a nice application on OpenSuSE Gnome (you may use Akregator as well – from KDE);
  14. Don’t forget Vuze for P2P or torrent downloader application; (in Windows I use micro torrent)
  15. I use avast antivirus workstation for Linux in OpenSuSE – its free and good, but honestly Linux doesn’t need antivirus at all, but just in case I need it – I put in for preventive measurement;

There are a lot of nice Game on Linux – in you are a gamer in Windows. TORCS is the choice for racing game, Treamulus and AlfaOne series is the best for shooting game, Warzone 2100 is the nice and simple RTS game in Linux. If you prefer you Windows Game on Linux, just use Wine for emulator – but proceed with cautions, since not all Windows applications supported with Wine. Need more? Just search this.

With the system in my Acer TM 6293 there is no trouble with OpenSuSE 11.2 that I found. All peripherals seem just fine. And my modem Pantech PX-500 using MOBI – a broadband internet access from mobile-8 were automatically detected and works nicely – but still I need go to Windows to activating the unlimited access each month – there is only GUI to do this in Windows (And Macintosh probably).

Well, how about you? What Linux are you using? This picture bellow is the KDE Desktop for OpenSuSE Linux (I took the picture from

OpenSuSE 11.2
The Beautiful Desktop of OpenSuSE 11.2

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  1. Please deh, screenshoot-nya kok KDE? Katanya make GNOME.
    Ink typo. Inkscape maksudnya ya?

    Eh iya, captcha-nya dah diilangin..selamat menghitung komen false positive.
    .-= dani´s last blog ..Rolling Release Distro Linux =-.


    1. He he, biar ga dibilang SARA Bli, jadi harus mendukung semua – sayang saya belum nemu yang buat X-Face 😀

      Yup, yang itu memang Inkscape, pasti pas nulis pikirannya teralih ke Google Sketch, jadinya kepotong deh


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