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Reason Makes You Lost The Essential

When my friend – the Tobytall – shares about “No Reason, I Love You”. I found something much deeper than just those words…, yes the words is important but not the essential element if you may say so.

People feel in love, I do feel love. I never thinking yet why for I fell love. Since whenever I try to find a reason or two for it, I can’t find it anywhere. Yet, we can create a reason why we feel love – just as my friend said – much… much… reasons maybe more. We can write down a poem or two maybe hundreds why we felt the love. But when we grasp the idea of “why”, we stick somehow with it (or more of it).

The idea of reasoning become dark clouds above our land of love. I can see when I hold a reason, I no longer with the love itself. I see the reason, but not the love. I believe love as so this life is not of human creation, therefore to touch it fully all the creations that create space and time between love and the lover must be dissolved. The reason must disappear so love could emerge once again.

In a simple way I would say, let go the reason – all reason in you mind that you have created, you may find the love in the bottom of your heart then.

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7 tanggapan untuk “Reason Makes You Lost The Essential”

  1. Nice Post Hehehe….
    .-= Rafi´s last blog ..knowing the basics Adware =-.


  2. Love doesn’t need a reason, It just need to be felt & to be believed.
    .-= adiarta´s last blog ..Hati Yang Sempurna =-.


    1. But if people can’t see what love is, they have tendency to look for some reason to love.


  3. I don’t need a reason to love. I mean, what are you really gonna do about it?


    1. I don’t know, but there are people who love to use it for some campaigns 😀


  4. reasoning ala descartes or kant or aristotle – is males’ way
    i heard God is a female, she has different kind of reasoning, lho!


    1. Well,since I can’t found my reasoning I can’t say anything about about it 🙂


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