Nge-Tag ala Blogger kita

Jika suatu ketika blogger kurang kerjaan maka dia mulai nge-tag para temen-temennya, ha-ha, entahlah. Koq bisa aku juga bisa kena ya…, apes nian. Sayang ini tak bisa ditaruh di Bhyllabus blog utamaku, karena semua list postingnya sudah penuh.

Ini oleh-oleh dari Pak Aldy di tulisannye “free back-link”… kurang lebih begini dah…

  • Where is your cell phone ?

    I don’t have cellphone, would you like PDAphone or Smartphone…? *stupid*

  • Relationship

    Single…, don’t try anything *stupid* please….

  • Your hair ?

    Are you *stupid* I’m not blonde for sure.

  • Work ?

    Yeah, I work where nobody *stupid* overthere, except….

  • Your sisters?

    Like the hell I’m having *stupid* sister

  • Your favorite thing ?

    Do something more than *stupid* everyday.

  • Your dream last night?

    Gezz…, I saw you became a mere *stupid* person (we are look alike now)

  • Your favorite drink?

    Anything but not a *stupid* no shake milk 😦

  • Your dream car?

    Well…, I would be *stupid* if not dreaming the one billion lamborghini.

  • Your shoes ?

    My old shoes from a very *stupid* stoned age….

  • Your fears ?

    I fear I can’t write anything more *stupid* than this one.

  • What do you want to be in 10 years?

    You may guess…, but not as *tupid*as today obviously.

  • Who did you hang out with last week?

    Write *stupi* things on blog

  • What are you not good at?

    I am not good became not look like a *stupid*

  • One of your wishlist item?

    I wish just as *stupid* as someone that wins 100 nobles in ten years.

  • Where you grew up?

    Ah…, in a *stupid* medow… (I am a writing it right?)

  • Last thing you did?

    Just some *stupid* things

  • What are you wearing?

    Of course there is something, I’m still not that *stupid* so far..

  • Your computer?

    Ah… which one we specified as computer…, well you know I am *stupid* about this matter.

  • Your pet?

    Well is it not *stupid* if a show you a mirror would you?

  • Your life?

    He he…, you sure *stupid* asking my life since I most teold you everything for now…

  • Missing?

    Yes…, I miss my peaceful time without this *stupid* forms to fill… xi xi xi… 😀

  • Okay… sampai jumpa lagi. Yang baca ini bakal kena tag otomatis.

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