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Bhyllabus on Silent World

Remember today I would let you to know, if Bhyllabus takes a part in World Silent Day campaign. In many times we have heard the three basic ideas about act to save our planet earth from human corruption of its’ resources. They are to reduce, to reuse, and to recycle.

Today we as the part of people who support this campaign, would like to remind you that we can together save the earth by reducing the use of earth resources based energy into nearly zero for only four hours.

Turn off all electricity device, do not use any transportation that consume fuel. It is very simple, isn’t it? Yes, we all can do it. And its only for four hours only.

I know we are all very dependent on earth resource that we call energy to do most of daily activities and requirements. But as we consume this energy in many form, we know has took many resource from our beloved earth, and we throw to much pollutions due of its use.

Now imagine, if we can stand just for only four hours, without consuming any energy for our devices and tools that we used to depend on, without giving any pollution to our land, water and air by it. How many reduces has we give to earth, one people maybe not very much, but imagine, one village… then one city…, then… one province…, one country…, and the last the whole world…, can you imagine?

But obviously, the spirit of letting our earth to breath freely just for four hours isn’t a matter of amount and calculation. If just you, just me, or just both of us, yes it would be our spirit to save our beloved earth. And yes we can.

So would you join our campaign and let our earth breath freely for only four hours today? If yes, we could do it together from 10.00 a.m. till 02.00 p.m.

I have speak to you our campaign, now its all up to you.

Picture take from Lets Silent by WSD.

19 tanggapan untuk “Bhyllabus on Silent World”

  1. wedewh,,, QK nggak ngerti ini artinya apa’an hehehe…

    HIDUP!!! ^_^


  2. Selamat pagi, silent day udah lewat ya. Lam kenal.

    [you URI deleted – violation again blog terms]


  3. yuk mari buat bumi bernapas lega 😀


  4. I think it’s like inspiration from Nyepi grat day, we feel aproud to be apart for save our source energy from earth. Happy silent world day for all…


  5. Wahhh bingung bacanya… Cuma sedikit tahunya..


  6. ga ngerti. hehe. . .


    1. p0et,

      Penjelasan lebih banyak ada di 🙂


  7. Agung Pushandaka Avatar
    Agung Pushandaka

    Damn! I forgot it! Hehe..

    Happy World Silent Day.


    1. Mas Pushandaka,

      It’s okay, there would be “Earth Hours” next week 😀


  8. Our office was so excited to participate in the campaign last year and I’m so joining it again this month!


    1. Mbak Sheilla,

      I missed it last year, he he…, I was (and still) to clumsy. But this year was I got a perfect timming, since today is Sunday 🙂


  9. oh ini kaya yg di iklanin di tv tu yah buat ngurangi global warming


    1. richo,

      Kalau yang televisi itu mungkin maksudnya acara “Earth Hours” ya, itu tanggal 28 Maret besok 🙂


  10. waks…, pake bahasa inggris
    artinya apa tuh ?


    1. kelly amareta,

      You may ask Google Translate for assist, perhaps?


  11. aku mendukung ini
    namun dont kelamaman silentnya y…..heheheh
    salam dalam kehangatannya aku


    1. kezedot,

      Jangan lupa “Earth Hours” tanggal 28 besok 🙂


    2. Agung Pushandaka Avatar
      Agung Pushandaka

      Tanggal 28 atau tanggal 27 mas?


    3. Mas Pushandaka,

      Hmm…, kalau tidak salah di situs dikatakan tanggal 27 Maret 2010 jam 8.30 p.m GMT, saya kira itu bakal jadi tanggal 28 Maret di Indonesia?

      Tapi ternyata tidak demikian ya…, saya ralat dah sesuai dengan Wikipedia:

      Earth Hour adalah sebuah kegiatan global yang diadakan oleh WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature, juga dikenal sebagai World Wildlife Fund) dan diadakan pada Sabtu terakhir bulan Maret setiap tahunnya, meminta rumah dan perkantoran memadamkan lampu dan peralatan listrik yang tidak perlu selama satu jam untuk meningkatkan kesadaran atas perlunya tindakan terhadap perubahan iklim. Earth Hour dicetuskan oleh WWF dan The Sydney Morning Herald tahun 2007, ketika 2.2 juga penduduk Sydney berpartisipasi dengan memadamkan semua lampu yang tidak perlu. Setelah Sydney, banyak kota-kota lain di seluruh dunia ikut berpartisipasi pada tahun 2008. Earth Hour 2010 akan dilaksanakan tanggal 27 Maret 2010 mulai pukul 20.30 hingga 21.30 waktu setempat.


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