I’m Sorry for Not Praying It

It was a windy evening when my phone ringing silently. I see… I got a message, there was no sender’s name but a number – indeed a very special number that I honestly can’t put a name on it, since what happen on earth between this two beings were nameless.

I opened it with uncertain feeling flew desperately inside my closed soul and my untouched imagination. A nearly shocking words one after another’s. My heart beating so fast, but my mind still unmoved by any single thing.

The words so clear that I could imagine if she was talked to me directly, even on the vaguest atmosphere around us all this time.

Did you ever pray so we can live together?

A simple sentence yet blew me very hard, since I do understand for what her words ever said to me or those ones which she kept inside her own enigmas. I know what she wish to hear, but more than a promise I shall speak the truth… moreover to the one who’s own my very heart.

Do you wish I pray for it…, are you sure…, since there was none of my prayer ended unfulfilled?

The night winds calmly entered my solitude chamber, as they were trying to hold me from speak more than necessity. Yes, I knew, it was a long answer for short of “no”, yes I understand that sentence isn’t what she truly wish to hear right know. And the silence kept watching us from farness.

I pray so where ever you go, you shall find happiness…, and if that is mean we shall bound together in this life, then let it be.

I don’t know whether that was the right thing to give both of us a hope. And I still believe the insignificant of a hope when faced an urge within a trembling heart and mind, so I can said like they used to say… va’ dove ti porta il cuore to myself.

The silence became a little bit awkward, I knew I have to say no more. Now its a matter of a couple hearts. Can they understand each others? There will be no persuasion to achieve what would be named as worth as a complete understanding. There will be a full understanding, or no at all – there will be a true love or no at all.

It took a while – my mind was wandering around before again my cell phone ringing silently that evening. Yes that was from a nameless special number. She said softly…

Then…, let me…, I shall pray for it.

And in return I said, “Thanks…” I am happy, and I know so she is. I can’t say anything more. It more than everything I can say…

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9 tanggapan untuk “I’m Sorry for Not Praying It

  1. do you believe in unspoken prayers? i do. even sometimes, i didn’t remember whether i ever DID speak my long lasting lintanies out – because, i think – I own them very personally.


  2. Kembali postingan berkenaan dengan yang indah-indah, walaupun buta tuli bahasa inggris tetap ingin komen, walau mungkin ndak nyambung dengan artikel diatas.


  3. hmmm..well,karena ini pake basa england,saya musti baca sampe 2 kali utk mencernanya..hehe
    touchy banget deh bacanya..happy ever after ya..LUV IT!!^^
    *tgl 14..libur..libur*


  4. jawabannya ,

    jika tidak berdoa untuk itu , intinya ” let it be…”

    begitu bukan maksudnya Cahya ?

    maaf kalau salah .. 🙂


  5. ini isinya curhatan hati kenapa gag ditulis dalam bhs Indo gitu sih bang? Saia jadi *speechless* habisnya mesti ditranslate dulu pake Google baru bisa baca–meski agak aneh juga 😛


  6. Sometimes if we give massages like that from mistery guest, it’s need wise answer when we have a lot time to talk with her. Thanks for sharing personal story..


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