Maintenance Warning!

This blog is now under maintenance, the admin shall made some change s that can cause lost of data. Your comments may gone for some unknown reason!

The maintenance shall take 24-36 hours from this warning post released.

I’m sorry for this inconvenience 😦

ChangeLog for this session:

  1. Theme using “The Erudite“, a light weight theme with minimal distraction when reading – without thereded or nested comment; (prefer for dark background).
  2. Removed: Intense Debate Plugin due to poor comment synchronizing both way (wordpress – ID) and heavy to load for dial-up connection;
  3. Removed: Guestbook page, admin decide no longer supporting a guestbook database since it less functioning, well it was not fancy anymore putting a guestbook on the blog today;
  4. Error and lost: Some comment missing and lost due to Intense Debate removal from this blog, I’m afraid there is no solution to recover them. There is still minor issue about the missing author’s vCard on single.php and function.php (or I thought so :p ) – still waiting responses from Unessential Weblog’s owner due to this issue;
  5. Plugins on the blog: here are list of plugin that works on this blog:

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