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Rise Up Jogja!

After reading Mr. Jarwadi’s “Melawan Lupa Mengingatkan Kita” (in Bahasa Indonesia), I remember about the earthquake that stroke our province – Yogyakarta – precisely four years ago. It was one of most devastating natural disaster in decades. At that moment, I was on duty as National Chief of Webmaster & Documentation Division of SCORECIMSA at UNISSULA’s Medical Faculty, Semarang.

I was on the third floor of student’s dormitory – just when I about to change clothes – the building shocked crazily without warning as was a train passing by inside. As I remember, the shock wave only about 15 – 30 seconds, but was frightening enough.

Yogyakarta earthquake, Indonesia, 2006. Photo: Muhammad Bundhowi.

Everybody runs out of the building as soon as the quake seemed to be settled. We all worries, since the issue of the tsunami was spreading among us – well, Semarang is not far away from the sea. But the surprise was just about to come. The morning news said the center of the earthquake was in Yogyakarta – our home, it’s a great shock that stroke the southern region of Yogyakarta.

We are a member of CIMSA who came from Jogja started to call their family, relatives, friends – anybody that they can & remember to reach that moment. I can still contact a friend at my dorm back at Yogyakarta via cellular phone on the early morning, just after the news – he said everything okay. But a couple hours later, not a single call can reach Jogja (a short for Yogyakarta)! Everybody seemed to be panic, not knowing what was going on their family at home.

My family & relatives tried to reach me cellphone so many times, since they did the thing I was in Jogja at that moment, and for hours I have to receive the same kind of call and explained the same thing again & again.

On the afternoon, all loco from Jogja had an emergency meeting with loco from other provinces. They decided to send half member of medical students back to Jogja. And the rest half stayed for finishing our duty as soon as possible.

Our NORE, who was my classmate, chose to stay in Semarang, he decides to wrap all scheduled meeting in short course. I understood his decision that regeneration for our organization can’t be done by long-distance classes. We were done three days scheduled meeting just in less than 24 hours, while we force our self and our junior on some night classes.

When I came back to Jogja, I found the southern districts got significant physical damage due to the earthquake impact, there was the area with the most enormous damage among all others. My university was got some physical damage to, some hi-tech devices were damage due to short-current.

It was an apocalypse for the Jogja regency, but today Jogja has gain again the strength to move forward. But we can still see the psychological effects until today in local stories, from they who experienced the nightmare of Jogja’s earthquake.

I believe this small province will keep moving forward with the strength of its’ own people.

Above The Janti's Bridge


Picture of Janti Bridge on rainy morning with Mt. Merapi as the background.

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9 tanggapan untuk “Rise Up Jogja!”

  1. Agung Pushandaka Avatar
    Agung Pushandaka

    Special menurut saya adalah berbeda dari biasanya. 🙂


  2. Mas Pushandaka,

    Istimewa adalah bagaimana kita menerima sesuatu kan 🙂


  3. Agung Pushandaka Avatar
    Agung Pushandaka

    27 Mei adalah hari ulang tahun saya, dan saya waktu gempa itu masih di Jogja. It was my special birthday. 😛


  4. Wah…, maaf kalau begitu dr. Suci, tapi kalau rasa sedih itu muncul berarti masih ada ikatan bukan dengan Jogja? 🙂


  5. waaa..klo inget yg dulu itu jd seru2 serem…seru krn akhirnya ngerasain turun ke lapangan..serem krn ternyata banyak korban…untung aja ada Mama…klo gak ada…huwaaaa….gak kebayang..
    ya’…postingannya bikin sedih nih…


  6. Wow..I like that photo….. ^__^


  7. Asop, really? Its only taken by a cellphone’s camera while sitting inside a cab 🙂


  8. Mas Agung,

    Benar Mas, lanjutkan lagi perjalanan kita, dengan tentunya tidak meninggalkan pelajaran berharga di belakang…


  9. Saat gempa itu kebetulan saya sedang pulang kampung mas, jadi bisa merasakan betapa dashatnya bencana tersebut.
    sudah-sudahlah, itu sudah berlalu mari kita melihat kedepan dan mempersiapkan segala sesuatunya dengan sebaik mungkin


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