The Padi’s Field

Who said I life in a palace or a expensive condominium? Who said I play on a beautiful garden with so many colourful flowers? No my friend, I’m a villager, just an ordinary villager. The padi field is my garden, clumps are my roses, mud is my soft green grass.

My sky doesn’t painted with beautifully crafted air balloons, but we have kites with bring our spirit to the sky with the same enthusiastic. There are no operas, sonnets in my village, but we have the frogs crickets and their buddies sing for us every night, and the cicadas for the next day.

I grew up surrounded by padi field, while you might be surrounded with Dolby™ Digital Home Theatre.

I am dancing with butterflies and dragonflies, while you might be have a hip hop or street dance.

I have my spring come from the mother earth every seasons, while you might be need gallons of fresh water delivered directly to your houses.

I love my padi’s field, it is my home, my life, my laugh, my tears, my joy… my paradise.

It is nothing much, yet, it is everything…

And when the sun just about to set, I can come to see a moment of silence that brought all universe bound together… here in my padi’s field.

Padi's field on evening

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