When A Journey End Another is Awaiting

Every soul has their own journey on this life, no matter how soft or how hard every single step they took, life just flows as it is. But where we go exactly? Most of us believe to know (since it has been foretold to them) the end place of our journey – even just in an imagination. Others said, they don’t care about that kind of stuff, and busy with other stuff as well – but not so much different as an essential one.

Few people doesn’t stand in both imaginary way, or cultivating way to seek what they passion want for this life to be happy forever after. But instead they learn about life, they cut trough within the reality, give their mind and heart to understand their self and something called life fully.

They are the one who have a pure compassion for the whole life, the one who stop seeking and merge their soul fully with this life. It doesn’t matter how the world change, since they still able naturally face it with genuine wisdom and unspeakable love. They didn’t form the love, but they are the form of love itself.

Pathavisamo no virujjhati, indakhilupamo t?di subbato, rahadova apetakaddamo sa?s?r? na bhavanti t?dino.

There is no more worldly existence for the wise one who, like the earth, resents nothing, who is firm as a high pillar and as pure as a deep pool free from mud.

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Little Monks - by Stuart Clyne

Happy Vesak Day 2554

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  1. Quote: “They didn’t form the love, but they are the form of love itself.”

    I wish Happy Vesak Day 2554 to those who celebrate it.
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