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Dikatakan bahwa “X-Setup Pro” adalah Ultimate Tweaking Software untuk Microsoft Windows. Baru-baru ini dikabarkan bahwa pengembangannya sudah dihentikan, sehingga peranti lunak ini kini dapat diunduh secara gratis.

X-Setup Pro is the ultimate in system configuration or tweaking as some people would say. It covers all types of options and has many useful features.

X-Setup Pro is not yet another Windows Hacker; it is the ultimate tool for black belt system tuning and tweaking, running on Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, 2000, ME, XP, Vista and 7.

X-Setup Pro allows you to change nearly 1800 settings with some simple button clicks. This makes X-Setup Pro the most complete hacker/tweaking utility ever available.

X-Setup Pro is extremely easy to use. It has an Explorer-like look and the famous back and next buttons you already know from your Internet browser. Plus, X-Setup Pro offers wizards that assist you when changing the configuration – there has never been an easier way to hack your Windows.

Mendukung Windows 98, NT 4.0, ME, 2000 (semua versi), XP (semua versi), server 2003 (semua versi), Vista (semua versi), 7 (semua versi).


Pranala Unduh

Catatan: Jika Anda kehilangan nomor serial anda, maka yang satu ini boleh digunakan: XSA092-11TA9R-8K12YT

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