Feed Tracking Slowdown Your Page Loading Time?

Do you ever see something like this when opening a page/blog from a link in RSS Reader or email subscription…

… blog-URL-here/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium= ….

On the address bar of your web browser obviously. That is an example from feed that was delivered by feedburner which enriched by a tracking code for feeds.

I’m not completely sure for what I found, or it seems that those tracking code slowed down a page/blog loading on my up to 64 kbps dial-up internet access. I need to open the page using Opera 10.x with its Presto Engine and Opera Turbo were activated fully till 2 or 3 times of web compression. While on Gecko Engine (Firefox 3.6.x) and Webkit Engine (Chrome 5.x or Safari 5.x) can’t do anything to open a page with those codes.

I’m not sure if the Feedburner tracking code were the culprit, but when the code lifted, the main URL will just work nicely. Or it just me with this condition.

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2 tanggapan untuk “Feed Tracking Slowdown Your Page Loading Time?

  1. Sepertinya hanya perasaan mas cahya aja kok 😀

    Saya lancar2 aja tuh mengakses web dengan alamat tracking seperti di atas 🙂


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