Ruler of the Land

Ruler of the Land, which also known as Sabre et Dragon is one of three my favorites manhwa (a referrer term for made in Korean comic book). The others two are Kungfu Komang & Yureka, and all of them are comedy type comic book.

The story was based on wujin (martial world) conflict in ancient time between the warriors who claims walk on the dark path and those on the light path. In the beginning was the introduction of two main characters, Han Bi Kwang – the pupil of Master Con Ma (the strongest character from the dark path side) with Dam Hwa Rin – the granddaughter of Sword Emperor, one of five most respectful light path warriors.

But the main conflict was in the line between the dark & light path, but the Sinji’s appearing – a mysterious sect that has capability to shock wujin and destroying all sects from both dark & light path. Bik Wang decides to investigate this mysterious sect with Flame Dragon Saber as his lethal weapon, meanwhile Hwa Rin focusing to search his lost grandfather to Sinji too.

It is a funny stories everywhere around the comic, even the serious situation can turns into deathly laughing matters. I think the writer and the artist was quite fun with their way to express the whole story. Even the story was not long enough, but to accomplish 48 volumes until now that has already translated into bahasa Indonesia, I wonder how many volumes will come across.

Well, just wait for the next volume then.

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