Disqus not well enough on Nokia E71

I am using Disqus comment system on Bhyllabus, and trying to look up how it looks on mobile browsers. Well, I was using Nokia E71 GSM with HSDPA networks, and other is Nokia 3806 CDMA.

On Nokia E71, using Opera Mobile 10, Disqus well loaded 7/8 point I think. On Opera Mini 5.1, hmm…, a little bit strange look, but when sign in on Disqus, I assume there would be no problems. (Note that I am using WordPress Mobile Edition plugin on Carrington Network by Crowd Favorite).

But when I was using Nokia default web browser (S 60 3.1 default browser), Disqus wasn’t loaded completely. There is error for showing comment box/form. Here is the preview:

Disqus on Nokia Browser

There was only a single line-like column which unclickable where supposed to be comment box.

Well, I wish they fix this issue soon enough.

Hmm…, on Nokia 3806, Disqus wasn’t loaded at all, and reversed back to native comment form.

p.s: I  am using Disqus WordPress plugin ver. 2.43.

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